The GO! is an entirely hands- and tool-free, self-adjusting support that is designed for applications that do not require rigid fixed height support. It comes factory standard with the correct height standoffs and is drop-in ready. No air lines, controls or switches are needed. Once placed in the machine, support tooling becomes worry-free.

Design Benefits

  • Board Sag
    For many manufacturers, board sag is the major process issue with board support. Excessive sag can cause component misplacement, machine error and throughput reduction. The GO! comes from the factory preset at the tooling height of the machine. Providing sufficient support while forming to the contour of bottom-side parts, the GO! supports the board at its flat position.
  • Component Damage
    Incorrect placement of fixed height support tooling can damage underside components as well as cause micro fractures that may not be evident during inspection. However, the GO!'s resistive support design virtually eliminates the risk of component damage.
  • Board Bounce/Vibration
    Vibration and bounce caused by the placement nozzle can introduce placement defects and misregistration. As components become smaller and boards become thinner, the impact on placement accuracy is magnified by board bounce. Add to that a less forgiving lead-free reflow self-alignment and errors increase significantly. The GO! dramatically reduces bounce and vibration, resulting in higher yields and accuracy.

The GO! is the only board support solution that is able to remove board sag and reset for each board. It combines the board sag removal of fixed height tooling pins with the automation of a reset style support and the bounce/vibration dampening of locking-style compliant board supports.

Product Specifications

Unit GO!
PWB Thickness Same as machine
Minimum PWB Size Length - machine dependant Width - 33.5mm (1.32")
Maximum PWB Size Length - Unlimited Width - machine dependant
Module Dimensions L - Unlimited W - 33.5mm (1.32") H incl. pins - 32mm (1.26") H excl. pins - 20.1mm (.793")
Maximum Module Count Unlimited
Max Pin Count/Module Varies with length. 3 rows, staggared spacing
Pin Spacing Staggared 12.5mm (.500") X 18mm (.720")
Pin Length - Below Board Clearance 11.43mm (.450")
Pin Diameter 3.5mm (.140")
Pin Force Varies with firmness
Pin/Component Contact Yes
Activation Method Polyurethane
Mounting Method Magnetic, Screw, QuickSet
Average Setup Time No setup time
Custom Sizes Available Yes
Downloads Specification Comparison Chart (pdf)

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