Manufacturers that have been using Dedicated Tooling Plates due to the lack of adequate support from Universal Tooling but are tired of the expense, turnaround time, maintenance and inventory management of these plates will benefit from the Red-E-Set Ultra HD.

The Ultra HD offers the support coverage of Dedicated Tooling but with the flexibility of Universal Tooling.  Ultra HD modules are made to the users board dimensions and come standard with .350" pin spacing. So instead of having to wait for custom machined plates due to a new PCB revision, the RED Ultra HD gets you running right away.

The new format is ideal for those users that typically run similar board dimensions but change board layouts frequently, have panelized boards, or those that are highly populated.

The Ultra HD modules come in both strip format for those users that need to add or remove support depending on board width, and our new format which is board/application specific.


Ultra HD eliminates

  • Expensive custom tooling plates
  • Need for new custom tooling plates for each board revision
  • Defects due to inadequate board support
  • Time consuming changeovers
  • Machine downtime

Product Specifications

Unit UHD - Ultra High Density
PWB Thickness Same as machine
Minimum PWB Size Length - machine dependant Width - 33.5mm (1.32")
Maximum PWB Size Length - Unlimited Width - machine dependant
Module Dimensions Custom sizes
Maximum Module Count Unlimited
Max Pin Count/Module Varies with unit
Pin Spacing Matrix spacing 8.5mm (.335") X 9.5mm (.375")
Pin Length - Below Board Clearance See LP, HP
Pin Diameter 3.5mm (.140")
Pin Force .16 grams per inch travel
Pin/Component Contact Yes
Activation Method Pin/Spring Force
Mounting Method Magnetic, Screw, QuickSet
Average Setup Time Under 3 minutes
Custom Sizes Available Yes
Downloads Specification Comparison Chart (pdf)


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