Red-E-Set GoPad

The Red-E-Set GoPad is designed to hold circuit boards during rework, repair, hand assembly and other applications that require full support. The GoPad utilizes the patent-pending “resistive” support technology that allows the support pins to conform to the circuit board’s bottom-side contour. The pins provide firm support during PCB contact applications, improving solder joints and eliminating board stress that may cause micro fractures.

The ergonomical GoPad includes adjustable board width rails that are tool-free and allow quick changeovers. Also included are height-adjustable legs that allow operators to adjust the angle ergonomically.


  • Repetitive board holding, ensuring standards are met for process and quality
  • Quality solder joints
  • Fast setup
  • Supports thin and routed boards


  • Time-consuming bench fixturing
  • Potential micro fractures caused by board flex
  • Arm and neck fatigue



Pin spacing: .750 x .500”
Below board clearance: .500"
Max board size: 10.75 x 10.75" (larger sizes available)
ESD-safe Yes

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