Red-E-Set SEMI

The Red-E-Set Semi was designed to replace the entire tooling nest for semi-automatic screen printers. Included are the tooling rails, tooling pins and side snuggers. Everything needed in one package to drop directly on to the printers tooling table. Once installed, the Red-E-Set Semi will provide fast changeover and full support.


  • Reduces setup time by 84%.
  • Maximum support of screen printing.
  • Increases throughput.
  • Hours of additional uptime per day.
  • Improves yield.


  • Reduces stencil coining.
  • Side snuggers.
  • Adjustable tooling pins.
  • Crisscrossing scales for easy board alignment.
  • Close spacing of pins for maximum support.
  • Independently spring loaded, non-abrasive support pins.
  • Pins lock in place to fit board's contour and for repeat usage.

Product Specifications

Outside dimension: 18" x 18" standard. Custom sizes available.
Max board size: 16" x 16"
Max below board clearance: .350"
Pin spacing: 1"

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