Red-E-Set Universal Board Support

Production Solutions, Inc., manufacturer of the Red-E-Set Universal Board Support System for all Printers and Chipshooter, Dispensers and Placement and AOI machines.

Red-E-Set guarantees to:

  • Reduce Changeover Time
  • Improve Quality
  • Increase Revenue
  • Eliminate Component Damage

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PCB Support Tooling

A design and manufacturing company, Production Solutions Inc. specializes in Universal Board Support Tooling, Circuit Board Holders for Rework and Repair, and Odd-Shaped Part Holders.

The Red-E-Set family of board supports provides tooling for Screen Printers, Pick and Place, Dispensers, AOI and Flying Probe machines. Models for PCB support tooling include the automatic SMT support AS AutoSet, industry-leading manual lock ML and cost-effective GO! All models are guaranteed to reduce changeover time, improve quality and eliminate component damage.

Additional Red-E-Set products include the patented SZ Scissor Pallet support platform and High-Density HD PCB support tooling. Once installed, the SZ provides completely automatic SMT support that is setup-, hands- and operator-free. For challenging thin or highly routed boards, the HD High Density provides unparalleled support. Production Solutions, Inc. also builds the industry’s widest range of board support lengths (up to 30"), widths, heights and custom sizes.

For bench top PCB rework, repair and assembly, the GoPad is the first circuit board holder that provides full board support. The GoPad improves quality and process control while its ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue and physical stress.

Whatever your PCB support tooling needs, Production Solutions, Inc. has the solution. Contact us to discuss our comprehensive product lines and ask about our 30-day free trial.