Due to the increase of densely populated double-sided circuit boards, the need for flexible, easily setup board supports has also increased. To meet this demand there are several Red-E-Set models to choose from: motorized and manual inline, motorized tower and the semiautomatic. Whatever your board support requirements we have the solution.

Red-E-Set XL
To address the support needs of large panel manufacturers, Production Solutions offers its XL line of board supports. The XL series starts at 24" long modules and goes up to 60". The 24" units utilize both the spring technology used in the ML series and the polyurethane used in the GO!. Modules longer than 24" utilize the GO! technology with a variety of firmness's available.

Red-E-Set ML (Manual Lock)
For use on inline Screen Printers, Dispensers, Chipshooters and Pick & Place machines. Unlike other support methods such as fixed pin, custom fixtures, or other more expensive support modules, the Red-E-Set is flexible and cost effective. The patented spring-loaded pin support system reduces setup time, eliminates board flex, reduces defects and increases throughput. The system can reduce setup time by as much as 84%. The Red-E-Set uses independently spring-loaded, non-abrasive, ESD safe support pins that lock into place to conform to a board's contour for repeat usage.

Red-E-Set GO!
Designed to eliminate board sag, dampen board bounce and vibration, prevent component damage and requires no setup. For use on pick and place machines and many AOI.

Red-E-Set HD (High Density)
Similar to the inline units in size, but with twice as many pins. Typical applications include multi-up boards with many cutouts.

Red-E-Set AS (Autoset)
The motorized version of the manual Red-E-Set, designed to automate the locking of the support pins while offering hands free convenience.

Red-E-Set UHD (Ultra High Density)
For manufacturers that use Dedicated Tooling Plates but need more flexibility due to frequent revision changes.

Red-E-Set Tower
For applications where board size is fairly consistent. This motorized product can be scaled to any size.

Red-E-Set VB (Vacuum Box)
For Screen Printers with a vacuum box; engineered for fast setup, changeover and improved support.

Red-E-Set Semi
Designed for semi-automatic screen printers where our inline units won't fit. The semi is designed to take the place of the entire existing tooling.