To address the support needs of large panel manufacturers, Production Solutions offers its XL line of board supports. The XL series starts at 24” long modules and goes up to 60”. The 24” units utilize both the spring technology used in the ML series and the polyurethane used in the GO!. Modules longer than 24” utilize the GO! technology with a variety of firmness’s available.

As with all of the Red-E-Set products, once implemented, users will experience dramatically reduced setup and changeover times as well as improved quality. The XL will eliminate board sag, reduce board vibration/bounce and prevent component damage.

Product Specifications

Unit XL -Extra Long
PWB Thickness Same as machine
Minimum PWB Size Length - machine dependant Width - 33.5mm (1.32")
Maximum PWB Size Length - machine dependant Width - machine dependant
Module Dimensions L - 609mm (24") and up W - 33.5mm (1.32") H incl. pins - see ULP, LP, HP H excl. pins - see ULP, LP, HP
Maximum Module Count Unlimited
Max Pin Count/Module Varies with length. 3 rows, staggared spacing
Pin Spacing Staggared 12.5mm (.500") X 18mm (.720")
Pin Length - Below Board Clearance See ULP, LP, HP
Pin Diameter 3.5mm (.140")
Pin Force Varies with firmness
Pin/Component Contact Yes
Activation Method Spring or Polyurethane
Mounting Method Magnetic, Screw, QuickSet
Average Setup Time Automated
Custom Sizes Available Yes
Downloads Specification Comparison Chart (pdf)

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