The Red-E-Set SZ is the next generation of automated board supports systems. The SZ is an installed self adjusting board support platform that with the addition of the Red-E-Set Autoset or the GO! board support modules, is completely hands and tool free.

Installs in a matter of minutes without tools or machine modification, the SZ slide guides attach to the front and rear conveyor. Once installed, the SZ expands and contracts with the conveyor keeping the pinned support modules equidistant to one another, thus providing a consistent and equal support across the board. Additional support modules can be added by simply placing the magnetic based units on the SZ. The system supports a range of board widths, as well as a range of support lengths up to 24". For maintenance or removal, the SZ simply lifts out.

Once the SZ is installed, there is no longer any need for operator intervention or involvement in the board support area. Providing a worry free solution that will decrease changeover time, improve quality and increase machine uptime.

Product Specifications: Machine dependent. Contact factory for specs.

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